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Rama City is a true mixed-use and sustainable human settlement development under way near Ga Rankuwa, north of Pretoria. Integrated into the development are shops and offices, schools, clinics and entertainment venues that will enable the community to live, work and play in the same locality. The success of this project hinges on the extensive experience of Rama Horizon Developments, which is executing the project in association with the Rama Community Property Association and with the support of the Tshwane City Council. The development site is about 450ha in extent and forms a portion of the land belonging to the Rama CPA.

This was restored to the Rama community in 1998 following a successful land claim, and the development of the beneficiary properties for the benefit of the community is included in the Rama City development process.  As part of the urban planning process for Rama City, allocations have been made of around 230ha for a wide variety of residential uses, 51ha for mixed use, 41ha for commercial use, 57ha for retail use and 34ha for light industrial development. The remainder of the property will accommodate community facilities such as schools, sports facilities, clinics, police stations, places of worship and parks.

The proximity of the Medunsa station adjacent to the development, the current road infrastructure and the planned bus and taxi facilities, will ensure that residents have easy access to and from Rama City. Physical development on the site is expected to commence during the first quarter of 2010. The first stage will include installation of the service infrastructure needed to provide 3100 homes catering to different needs and levels of the property market. Also included will be two schools, extensive parks, a community centre housing a clinic, crèche and market square, a church and the first phase of the retail and commercial developments.


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